New House, New Needs

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We're getting close to eleven months of living here in our new home - the newly wed phase is almost over.  The last pieces are really the most fun, aren't they? The cool little details and layers that not only bring a room together, but also allow for a lot of personality and expression to shine through! Happy Weekend!



Style Stalking: Caitlin Moran Interiors

It's October. I'm saying this more to convince myself than anything else... I just got used to the idea that it was September and that summer is really over and boom, it's October.  The upside to all this time flying by, is that the October issue of House Beautiful, introduced me to the lovely design work of Caitlin Moran Interiors.

After spying the image below in the magazine, I was off and running to find Caitlin's portfolio. So glad to have another inspiring designer to follow!


The Allure Of The Leopard Coat

Through the years, I've ordered and returned about half a dozen leopard coats. Even though I love a leopard print (shoes, bags, belts, tops!) I never feel quite right in a leopard coat. This happens every fall. Really, I should be immune to this by now.. yet just last week, I found myself unable to take my eyes off this coat. Would this be the one? 

Before I could even make up my mind, I spied another coat hanging right near it. This one was a flattering shade of deep blue with a fun faux leopard collar. Surely I could wear this one and not feel like Mrs. Robinson!  Unfortunately, the store sold out of my size. After trying on the closest size available I convinced myself this was the leopard coat that was meant for me...not quite as fashion forward as the full on version, but in this coat I didn't feel conspicuous or like I was wearing a costume.

Do you wear leopard? Would you wear a leopard coat? Would I just get used to it?




Book Review: Palm Beach Chic

From interiors to landscaping and beyond, I adore the fresh, bold and unabashedly W.A.S.P. aesthetic that is so closely associated to Palm Beach, Florida. Naturally, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of Palm Beach Chic, by Jennifer Ash Rudick with photography by Jessica Klewicki Glynn.  This book is simply beautiful, both inside and out.

Under the book's paper jacket is a fun surprise...the hard cover resembles a lovely blue and white tile mosaic, straight from a billion dollar Palm Beach pool house. Palm Beach Chic is full of colorful homes, vistas, gardens and table top inspiration. A preppy and colorful insider's tour of one of my favorite vacation spots...what could be better than that?

*I received a free copy of Palm Beach Chic from the publisher, but this did not influence my opinion here.


Home Tour: Calming Blues in Cape Town

Over the weekend I came across this stunning South African home on My Domaine and I can't get it out of my mind. This perfect calming shade of blue here is so serene and special it has me questioning my typical white kitchen only preference, not to mention this gorgeous tile floor! There are so many unforgettable design aspects in this lovely home, it's no wonder it was named House of the Year for 2015 by House and Leisure magazine...


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