Book Review: Windsor Smith's Homefront

Over on Pinterest, I have a board entitled "all time faves"-I'm pretty sure that's where all the Windsor Smith designed interiors I've ever run across online now reside.  Simply put, I don't think I've ever seen a space designed by Windsor Smith that I didn't absolutely admire down to the very last detail.  

Naturally, I was beyond excited to receive a review copy of Windsor Smith's Homefront Design For Modern Living and I've been enthralled with this stunning new book ever since it arrived last week. I'm sure I'll be pulling inspiration and ideas from Homefront for many years to come...


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Just a friendly reminder that Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th.  Of course as a mom, all I really want is a quiet, relaxing day-if fresh flowers, champagne and brunch make it into the mix...all the better!  Handmade gifts from my kids are always the best, but for my own mom, I like to spoil her with a chic treat or two.  Here's a little round up of few lovely options - Happy Weekend!

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Peeking Into Designer's Homes

I have Domaine Home to thank for introducing me to the design work of Jayme Armour. Absolutely LOVE her fabulous home, featured here today and can't wait to see what this new-to-me designer has planned next.


New House, New Needs

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We've been living here at our new house for about five months. It's much easier now to get a sense of what's still needed and where....

A built in bookcase was recently completed in a little upstairs sitting room (that up until about a week ago was stilled filled with unpacked boxes). This much needed addition has opened up some fun new styling opportunities (not to mention several boxes full of books). Today's latest round up is dedicated to this cozy new space...hope to have some photos posted soon!

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Modern Romance

A glamorous house in the Hollywood Hills filled with modern lavender touches, a gleaming white kitchen and an enviable walk in closet. For obvious reasons I fell madly in love with this fabulous home spotted in Luxe Magazine.
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